Instant Replay Testimonials

The Instant Replay, my encouraged piece of exercise equip for all of my patients regardless of level of involvement, the Instant replay has demonstrated proven results. This tubing system allows for activation of hip girdle musculature and trunk stabilization in a closed chain functional position.
— Dr. Marc Philippon, MD, Director of UPMC Golf Medicine Program

The INSTANT REPLAY has proved to be one of the most effective functional rehabilitation tools I use. While its contribution in golfing circles is well supported, I have found it to have vast potential in rehabilitation, regardless of sport. Its contributions to core stability and movement awareness coupled with its ability to reproduce functional, sport-specific movement patterns add to its uniqueness. The accelerated and resisted swing patterns can be adapted to enhance functional movement patterns, thereby facilitating the neuromuscular system and, ultimately, function. Athletes participating in football, basketball, track & field, baseball, and soccer, among others, can benefit from these clinical applications. I have found the INSTANT REPLAY to be extremely cost effective – It’s worth its weight in gold!
— J. Allen Hardin, PT, MS, SCS, ATC, LAT, CSCS, Co-Director, Division of Athletic Training/Sports Medicine, The University of Texas at Austin Intercollegiate Athletics

The Instant Replay promotes movement awareness necessary for an efficient, powerful golf swing by subconsciously educating the body regarding timing, loading, weight shift, and rotation. These four components, intimately associated, are the precursors to skilled athletic movement. This device serves as a system for reproducing repetitive and consistent movement patterns. Athletic performance in sports such as tennis, baseball, football, hockey, wrestling, and basketball can also benefit from this unique training system.
— Ralph Simpson, PT, OCS, CMPT, ATC, Physical Therapist -HEALTHSOUTH Player Fitness Center, PGA Tour for over 10 years

The Instant Replay allows both men and women student athletes at the University of Nebraska to develop the three key elements essential to becoming the best athlete they can become. The three elements are correct posture, proper neuromuscular sequencing, and the development of power. The Instant Replay promotes body awareness necessary for an efficient, powerful movement by educating the body concerning timing, loading, unloading, weight shift, balance and rotation.
— Bryan Bailey, C.S.C.S, M.S.C.C, former Head Strength Coach, Univ of Nebraska, now with Univ of Southern California

The Instant Replay has been the main focal point of our newly designed Golf Training Program at the Atlanta Athletic Club. After witnessing, firsthand, how far the tour players drove the ball during the 83rd PGA Championship, our members were ready to start working on developing a stronger pivot in their own golf swing. The Instant Replay has provided the means for all golfers to work at their own pace in strengthening the core muscles of the trunk, which are vital for a powerful pivot in the golf swing. The exercises can be performed in a matter of minutes and can be as challenging as an individual desires to make them.
— Rick Anderson, PGA Master Professional Director of Golf, Atlanta Athletic Club

The Instant Replay allows the client, as well as the exercise specialist, to facilitate all parameters of fitness. It provides for gross as well as fine motor development and spine stabilization training. Its utilization extends from specific pathologies to specific sensory motor development and training.
— Keith Kleven, MS, PT, ATC, Physical Therapist & Certified Athletic Trainer for numerous athletes, including boxer Mike Tyson & PGA players Mark O’Meara & Tiger Woods

For the last couple of months, I’ve been using the INSTANT REPLAY™, but on and off for the last couple of years, really. But, for the last 2 months I’ve definitely been focused on it. I’ve had some mid back problems that have really limited the range of motion, both on my backswing and especially on my follow-through. It has actually been more difficult to swing and swing the way I wanted to and with the INSTANT REPLAY™, and the help of Ralph, one, I think I would have had to have been treated to actually get that range of motion back. What this INSTANT REPLAY™ system has done is It’s really allowed me to keep that range of motion. Earlier I’d get treated and the next week I’d go back and my back would be stiff again and it just seemed like every week I was getting treated and getting worked on, my back, to keep the range of motion and with the INSTANT REPLAY™ it’s made me stronger, a little more stable and it’s allowed me to keep that range of motion so, I haven’t had my back worked on nearly as much.
— Jim Furyk, PGA Tour Player

I’ve been using the INSTANT REPLAY™ now for about a year and a half. I’ve got one at home and I also travel with one. It’s really helped with my hip strength, lower back strength and a lot with my flexibility. I highly recommend using this product.
— Scott McCarron, PGA Tour Player

I’m the strength and conditioning coach at DePaul University in Chicago. I’m an avid golfer. I’m 52 years old and the INSTANT REPLAY™ has allowed me to lower my handicap from a 14 to a 6. At DePaul University we use the INSTANT REPLAY™ because it allows our athletes to work the Power Zone. The Power Zone is part of the kinetic chain that works the abdominals, the hips, the back and the buttocks. The Power Zone, at DePaul athletics, is the key component in all of our athletic events. We train our athletes with the INSTANT REPLAY™ along with high level high intensity weight training. The INSTANT REPLAY™ has allowed our athletes to work their stability and balance points throughout their conditioning. The conditioning we do in the weight room, we want to transfer out to the field and the court. The INSTANT REPLAY™ has allowed our athletes to take the movements that they need for a particular sport. Whether its golf, tennis, softball, soccer, basketball or volleyball. We’re very impressed by the INSTANT REPLAY™. It’s something that I highly recommend to you because it does work the entire kinetic chain. It will allow you to increase your power, increase your stability, and increase your movement patterns for the game of golf.
— Tim Lang, Head Strength Coach, DePaul University

Today’s sports medicine professionals are looking beyond being reactive in the care that we deliver and looking more towards being proactive in prevention and performance improvement. The Instant Replay™ System is just one of a great line of products put out by CDM Sport that helps us look for ways to prevent injuries as well as improve performance. We have used the Instant Replay™ system on quarterbacks, defensive backs, pitchers, hitters, golfers, tennis players as well as a whole host of other participants and patients from the community. The device itself is a great concept and easy to use and the best thing about it is that I get consistent feedback from CDM Sport on how others are using the Instant Replay System. The only limitation to the Instant Replay™ is your imagination! Thanks again for another wonderful product to help keep our athletes healthy and in the game.
— Mike Goforth, MS, ATC, Head Athletic Trainer, Virginia Tech

It is an honor for me to speak to my success and utilization of the INSTANT REPLAY™ over the last 2 years. Although this system was designed by my colleagues for enhancement of golf performance and to improve strength, speed, power, posture and mechanics, as it relates to the game of golf, I have taken this system into the areas of boxing, football, basketball, track & field, as well as swimming. This system can be utilized in every type of pathology there is. From the elderly to the most elite athlete, this system is easy to travel with, its adaptability is incredible and the outcomes that I have had, through its utilization, has been most rewarding. It doesn’t have specific parameters of pathology, but more importantly, its ability to improve mechanics, balance and proprioception, while dynamic movement takes place, has been the most significant thing that I have seen with its use. I appreciate the system. We’re still learning. I am still adapting it and I’m still utilizing in numerous ways as I create my own programs and facilitate one’s heath, based on the pathology that they have.
— Keith Kleven, MS, PT, ATC, Trainer for Tiger Woods, Mark O’Meara

What I feel it (INSTANT REPLAY™) has done for my swing is enabled me to really feel stable throughout my swing and reach ranges of motions that I haven’t probably attained before. I feel like I can really complete my back swing and really get to a good finish position, after working with this thing. I’ve used it now for the last couple of months. I have been working with it before the rounds and sometimes after the rounds. I’ve achieved a better range of motion in my golf swing. I’ve really been able to hit a full back swing position, which has always been a little bit of a problem for me and also it really created a great feel between with upper body and the lower body disassociating itself from one another. What I mean by that is, the hip explosion in the golf swing, which equals greater power and distance, and overall stability in my golf swing from using this product is fantastic. And, it has also helped me achieve some explosive power in my hips and overall it’s a great, great product and great training aid. So, I highly recommend it.
— Mike Weir, PGA Tour Player

I’ve been using the INSTANT REPLAY™ now for about a year and a half. I’ve got one at home and I also travel with one. It’s really helped with my hip strength, lower back strength and a lot with my flexibility. I highly recommend using this product.
— Scott McCarron, PGA Tour Player

…I have worked with approximately 40 PGA Tour professionals with the Instant Replay System; …I couldn’t imagine a more effective tool to improve hitting distance and ball striking consistency.
— Scott Rheil, Certified Personal Trainer, HealthSouth PGA Tour Fitness Center

I play the PGA Tour and people ask me, all the time, “is there a golf specific work out?” Finally there is a golf workout that isn’t just like any other workout. The Instant Replay™, I’ve found, is a nice, golf-specific work out. It’s not just lifting weights. So, if you’re interested in improving your game, your golf swing, and muscle strength that you use in your golf swing, I think the Instant Replay will be right for you. Try it out. Instant Replay™
— Tom Byrum, PGA Tour Player

The Instant Replay has helped me to improve my core muscles and stability, which is vital in the golf swing. I recommend this product for anyone who is trying to develop strength, talent and a better golf swing.
— Brad Faxon, PGA Tour Player

My introduction to the Instant Replay™ Training System came while rehabilitating an athlete following a fracture/ dislocation of his hip. The resisted movement patterns that we were able to achieve in the standing, functional position were invaluable to his rehabilitation. I quickly realized that the Instant Replay™ System would benefit all the athletes in their injury rehabilitation whether it be their ankle, knee, hip, low back or abdominal musculature. I am continuing to realize the many benefits of the Instant Replay™ System and how it can and should be incorporated in all phases of injury prevention and rehabilitation.
— Ryan Vermillion PT, ATC, Head Athletic Trainer, Carolina Panthers

The Instant Replay gives me great feedback to feel the sequence of my swing and it’s convenient to use and very easy to travel with. The Instant Replay has helped me strengthen and stabilize my feet and golf stance.
— Jeff Gove, PGA Nationwide Tour Player

The INSTANT REPLAY™ has made the big difference in the rotation of my patients with hip pathology, especially with golfers. It allows them to restore their rotation much faster and allows them, also, to gain more motion, especially in the extreme internally and externally, much faster and with less inflammation, post operatively. Overall, its been a big improvement in my rehab protocol and I recommend, highly for golf player but also for other sports which require hip rotation movement.
— Dr. Marc Philippon, MD, former Director of UPMC Golf Medicine Program, now with Steadman-Hawkins, Vail, CO

As a golf physical fitness trainer at Fox Hollow Golf Club on the central west coast of Florida I use Instant Replay as a training tool with all of my clients. I have integrated Instant Reply into each training program and found that Instant Replay greatly enhances a golfers physically ability to accomplish a more powerful better controlled rotation in his/her golf swing. The feedback have received from my client’s indicates that Instant Replay has not only enhanced their swing control, but their endurance in playing 18 – 36 holes of golf. It is the best tool that I have used it to improve a player’s physical ability to play golf, at any level handicap, period!

Instant Replay has proven to be 100% effective; as a training tool in producing improved performance in every player I have trained with the techniques taught to me by Ralph Simpson.

I consider myself lucky to have met Mr. Simpson and learn his training techniques with Instant Replay!
— Rick Williamson, Certified Personal Trainer