BackSystem 3

Since the introduction of systemic postural evaluation and assessment by Florence Kendall, many physical therapists have demonstrated how muscular imbalances can reduce active and passive range of motion in the hip which cause and contribute to spinal disfunction. The orthopaedic manual therapy examination has also progressed through an evolution of not just looking at passive intervertebral and segmental mobility but looking at the overall scenario of lower lumbar disfunction as it occurs with both active range of motion and in varying postures. Dr. Shirley Sahrmann has also contributed to the body of knowledge of postural assessment and simple yet effective treatments which use active mobility techniques to gain range of motion in an otherwise stiff and inflexible joint. The simple principle of reciprocal inhibition is used and combined with joint loading during range of motion to gain mobility in hip joints. The BackSystem 3 is also used to facilitate active release-type stretching/mobilization of back soft tissues.