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In the early 90’s, golf fitness was just beginning on the PGA Tour and Ralph Simpson was lucky enough to be there in the early years.  From those years on the PGA Tour, Ralph Simpson developed a 3-pronged approach to golf fitness:

First, a musculo-skeletal examination is performed.  At MOST we use the TPI evaluation or portions of it when establishing a base line for assessing a golfer’s physical attributes.  Golf requires flexibility, strength, and coordination to perform at one’s best and these are components assessed in the MOST golf fitness evaluation.

Secondly, we use the KVest 3D system to evaluate torso, pelvic, and upper body movement in real time during the golf swing as an evaluative process as well as a training tool for learning movement position and awareness.

And thirdly, we use the Instant Replay system (which in not used at TPI) to enhance kinetic linking and motor learning with the golf swing. This is a system invented and patented by Ralph Simpson; it was developed over a decade of working with the best players in the world.  Although strength enhancement can improve club head speed a small amount, learning to sequence and weight shift optimally has a much greater effect on a golfer’s ability to generate club head speed. There is no faster way to affect this process than the Instant Replay.

Instant Replay


Activating and Pattering

Upper Torso: This exercise activates the spinal rotator muscles preparing them to do work as well as increasing their strength and endurance thereby preventing and treating back pain.

Back Swing: Using the INSTANT REPLAY for back swing patterning improves torso range of motion within a golf-specific pattern.

Resisted Swing: The resisted swing movement builds strength and power from the pelvis and legs allowing a more solid move through the shot.

Accelerated Swing: The accelerated swing uses sensory-motor pathways to teach the four components of skilled athletic movement.

Shoulder Accelerated Swing: Adding it all together, this move links the upper body and pelvis to complete the feeling of proper loading, weight shift, timing, and rotation on the take-away as well as impact and follow-through.


Strength and Endurance

Quadrant Moves – Right Leg & Left Leg: Quadrant exercises are designed to prevent and treat low back pain by improving strength, endurance, and control in hard to train low back and abdominal muscles. Although both movements demand deep spinal muscle activation, the extension quadrant exercise favors the low back extensor muscles, while the flexion quadrant maneuver preferentially stresses the oblique abdominals.

Side Lunge – Right Leg & Left Leg: The lunge is an indispensable power developing exercise. The INSTANT REPLAY Lunge promotes hip power while incorporating the torso rotary muscles necessary for a powerful move through impact.

* The Instant Replay is a Ralph Simpson patented product. Click here to read the Instant Replay Study by Ralph Simpson

Instant Replay Testimonials

We have been using the Instant Replay™ techniques for the past 2 years. We have incorporated it into our core stability program that has benefited both hitters and pitchers. We feel that multi-directional exercising is essential in sports activities. I recommend the Instant Replay™ system in helping you achieve your goals.
— Barry Weinberg, BS, MS, ATC, Head Athletic Trainer, MLB, St. Louis Cardinals
Using the Instant Replay made an immediate difference in my ability to move into previously unattainable movement patterns. It’s been a tremendous help in my rehab and strengthening programs.
— Steve Pate, PGA Tour Player
The Instant Replay is a so good at teaching proper weight shift and timing it’s almost frightening. Those elements promote speed and power through the hitting area and that’s the most difficult thing in the world to teach someone learning to golf.
— Howard Twitty, PGA Champions Tour Player
It’s Great! It is very sport specific and it is really good for the golf swing.
— Fred Funk, PGA Tour Player
After back surgery my physical therapist, Ralph Simpson, recommended that I use the INSTANT REPLAY as part of my rehab. The variety of exercises and the ease with which they could be performed was amazing. It didn’t take me long to realize the benefits of this remarkable product. I am 100% convinced using this equipment expedited my recovery. My back hasn’t felt this good in 16 years.
— Mike Moberg, PGA Tour Representative, Cleveland Golf
Rotating the hips at the start of the downswing lets the arms fire powerfully. Although I’m not an official endorser, I’ve had success using a training aid called Instant Replay to speed up hip movement in the swing.
— Tom Watson, PGA Tour Player, (Golf Digest article, October 2002)
I use the Instant Replay before and after rounds to help coordinate swing movements and also to condition for my back as I’ve suffered from back problems in the past. It really helps me to synchronize my swing and also helps to build strength in areas I need for golf.
— David Toms, PGA Tour Player
The Instant Replay has helped me to improve my core muscles and stability, which is vital in the golf swing. I recommend this product for anyone who is trying to develop strength, talent and a better golf swing.
— Brad Faxon, PGA Tour Player

K-VEST 3D System

K-VEST TPI 3D system uses the latest technology to investigate components of your swing and body movement, in an effort to locate inefficiency and power leaks. Correcting these problems immediately and add distance to your ball flight.

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