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Meet Dr. Ralph Simpson

Ralph Simpson graduated from the University of Montana with High Honor Bachelor of Science degrees in Physical Therapy as well as Health and Physical Education in 1983.  He achieved his High Honor doctorate in physical therapy from the University of Montana in 2011.  Dr. Simpson was certified as a strength and conditioning specialist in 1987 (National Strength and Conditioning Assoc) and holds current certifications in dry needling (Myopain seminars) and golf fitness (Titleist) and is a board certified specialist in orthopaedics (American Physical Therapy Assoc), manual therapy (North American Institute of Orthopaedic and Manual Therapy), and athletic training (National Athletic Trainers Assoc). Ralph began his initial training in manual therapy in 1988; the second class taught by what is now the North American Institute of Orthopaedic Manual Therapy, becoming certified in 1992.  In 2008 he was named to the Titleist Performance Institute Board of Medical Advisors and has been a Professional Advisor for Golf Digest since 1998, and a faculty member of Myopain Seminars since 2017.

Dr. Simpson has published in the American Journal of Physical Therapy, written numerous articles for various publications, and owns a patent on The Instant Replay motor training tool and protocols.

He has provided event physical therapy and athletic training coverage to the Pan American Games, the Goodwill Games, the Coors Classic Bike Race, the Los Angeles Olympic Festival, and multiple venues at the USOC training facility in Colorado Springs.  The US Luge team employed Dr. Simpson for two World Cup and World Championship seasons as they traveled throughout Europe.

Between 1984 and 1993, Ralph worked at Seattle Sports Medicine treating professional and recreational athletes as well as providing coverage backstage for the Pacific Northwest Ballet.

For 10 seasons, Ralph was a physical therapist/athletic trainer on the PGA Tour fitness van and provided coverage at over 350 Tour events including the Masters, PGA Championships, US Open, Ryder Cup and President’s Cup.  He was the invited physical therapist for The Shark Shootout from 1997-2011.  In 2007 he co-authored “Complete Conditioning for Golf”, 2nd edition.”

Dr. Simpson has been an invited speaker at various national conferences and has appeared on ESPN, the Golf Channel, CBS sports, BBC sports talk, CNBC, and numerous local network affiliates across the country; he has been quoted in the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, USA Today, the LA Times, the Chicago Sun-Times, Golf World, and Golf Digest.

Currently, Dr. Simpson serves as a faculty instructor for dry needling with Myopain seminars when he is not at MOST, biking, skiing, fly fishing, or spending time with his daughter.



Meet Jennifer Alexander MS, PT


Jennifer graduated from the University of Colorado in 1994 with a Bachelor Degree in Kinesiology, and from Regis University in 1999 with a Master Degree in Physical Therapy.  Prior to Physical Therapy school she was a certified personal trainer and aerobic instructor in the Boulder- Denver area.  Currently, she is studying with the University of St. Augustine for certification in Manual Therapy.

Jennifer has a collection of work experiences that have rounded her approach to orthopedic treatment: inpatient rehabilitation, acute care, long-term care, and home health.  Her years of competition on the soccer field, ski slopes, back country nordic tracks, and mountain biking combine with her varied professional experiences to give her style a holistic approach involving the “whole” patient.

From her unique experiences and own rehabilitated injuries, Jennifer knows the challenges and commitment needed to fully recover and has the educated touch to facilitate that recovery. 

Since 1999 Jennifer has practiced manual and orthopedic physical therapy and has been an integral part of MOST since 2006.